Questions for Pitnuts

1. Why do you think chihuahuas are an accurate comparison to your dogs?

2. What does the 'pounds of bite force' of any animal have to do with the bite force of a pitbull? Are hyenas, lions, sharks, etc. roaming the streets like pits are? And which dog's is the highest is relevant how? If a pit can bite at XXX psi, so what- bottom line is it still takes a “break stick” or a bullet to make it let go.

3. If a dog bites and lets go, even multiple times, then how is that as bad as one that bites and does not let go- pulling off flesh? Would you rather be bitten by a great dane or a 'only 85 pound' pit?

4. Since you carry on about pits not being a real breed, and that they are actually 20 breeds, and that they are actually mistaken for other types entirely, and that they are impossible to classify, then why do you defend these mystery animals so vociferously while referring to them all as 'pitbulls' in general? You say this or that alias is another kind of dog, so what is the big deal if you are pit lovers and those dogs are not pits according to you? Your 'american bulldog', your 'mastiff X', is not a pit remember, so why are you defending it?

5. Knowing the statistics and studies, how can you knowingly ignore them and continuously obfuscate and make excuses?

6. Why do you not care about your dogs' victims? Going ape shit posting defensive comments for a dog that just mauled or killed someone while a family grieves or a person suffers in an ICU shows your value for human life.

7. Why do you always blame the victims of your dogs? Every time there is an attack, lots of you chime in with “but they must have bothered this poor doggy somehow!”.

8. What about the fact that other types of dogs love kids and other humans, and allow all kinds of pulling, riding on, and stuff? They never rip off a face because of someone making a noise or getting near them, or anything else.

9. Why is it only pits mainly attack faces and throats?

10. Why is it only pits attack without warning of any kind such as growling or barking?

11. Why is it only pits wag their tails excitedly while attacking other animals and humans? (seen in every attack video).

12. Do you like to argue, because owning a safe kind of dog would simply relieve you of having to defend yourselves all the time?

13. Why can't you keep your dogs chained up properly, and muzzle them when off of your property? This alone would solve the entire problem.

14. Why don't any of you pay the medical bills of the people your dogs have mauled?

15. Why do you insist on not euthanizing pits that kill people? Other animals, including non-pit dogs, are routinely euthanized for killing people or even attacking them.

16. How do you explain the long list of 'responsible' owners attacked by their pits for no reason, after years of gentle behavior?

17. Do you care about the babies these dogs keep maiming and killing? What if one tore up your grandma?

18. How does a jovial essay about how sweet pits are “prove” that they are the kindest breed in existence? I could write a 'temperament study' up about my pet rattlesnake as well.

19. What is the standard qualification to be a dog behavior expert, and howcome you get to spout off all the time, but people that do not like pits have to be one of these alleged experts to state something?

20. Why do you routinely post comments and email sites with filthy and threatening tirades?

21. Can you prove any pitbull has ever licked someone to death? And how is this relevant to the ones that have bitten people to death?

22. Why don't you patrol the streets and round up all the loose pits since you pity them so much and they are so gentle?

23. Why don't you adopt all the pits out of pounds even if it means getting a hundred per house? They are so gentle, it wouldn't be any trouble right?

24. Why do you make up stories about pitbulls in history, many before pits even existed?

25. What do historical pits have to do with pits now?

26. Why do you think you can shout down your opponents?

27. How long do you think you can get away with terrorizing the populace with your monsters?

28. Why do you think you deserve special treatment? If I was fond of my viper would it get to kill people too?

29. Why can't you muzzle your dogs when taking them off your property and keep them chained when at home?

30. How long do you think you can get away with abusing federal laws by falsely claiming your pits are "service dogs", when they are not properly trained nor large enough for this job?