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Pit Bulls- also known as pits, pittys, box heads, block heads, 'the noble breed', 'new new' yorkies, Staffordshire terriers, Stafford terriers, American terriers, St. Francis terriers, American bull terriers, American bullies, American bulldogs, dogo argentinos, Argentine mastiffs, mastiffX, and the great daneX- are the most
dangerous pets in America. Some of these are pit mixes and look slightly different, but all are the same dog with the same instincts and capabilities. Presa Canarios are simply half mastiff and half pitbull. The numerous names are really just aliases assigned to them to deflect blame from pit attacks (e.g.: "that wasn't a pitbull that attacked that person- it was a stafford terrier!"....). Cane corsos, aka Italian Mastiffs, are a different but similar looking breed which are frequently blamed for pit attacks as a distraction.

While venomous reptiles, large wild carnivores (tigers, lions, bears, etc.), and chimpanzees are also very dangerous, they are not as widespread nor are they allowed to run loose by their owners. When they attack it is their owners that are usually harmed. Pit bulls however are frequently allowed to run loose by their owners, or are placed in insufficient chains or fencing so they can escape anytime they want.

The vast majority of animal attacks involve dogs, and almost all of them are from pits. This is especially true for the maimings and attacks that result in deaths. When the neighbor's chihuahua nips you, pit owners would scream that it is a non-pit dog attack and try to skew statistics with such incidents. When was the last time you heard of a pomeranian/ beagle/ bloodhound/ cocker spaniel, etc. mauling, maiming, and/or killing someone? Even though there are other large dangerous dogs such as german shepherds, rottweillers, dobermans, and even wolf hybrids, you never hear of them hunting down people in packs and killing them, do you?

The prevalence of pit attacks is obvious and though it angers pit sympathizers, it is still a fact. Irresponsible owners are blamed by them and the killer dogs are swooned over as mistreated innocents. The fact that all breeds of dogs can be and are indeed mistreated as well is never mentioned. Whatever the excuses, it is almost always pit bulls that attack people. If it is the owner's fault, then why aren't the owners prosecuted more severely? What percentage of them are indeed "responsible"? About one percent perhaps. Since the vast majority of people just cannot seem to handle these instinctually vicious animals and restrain them properly, much less stop them from attacking people, then they should not be legal to own. Being in the presence of a pet pit bull is akin to walking around with a sword in your hand, or a flail or morningstar. This would get you arrested pretty quickly. Having a deadly animal at your side should be considered an offense to public safety as well.

Just the same, owners of these dogs are usually wannabe or actual gangsters, insecure and paranoid. They want a weapon and if they cannot legally obtain a concealed carry permit, a pit bull is a legal option for them. They are also frequently of the drug subculture. The most sought after traits in pit bulls are the result of specific breeding for fighting purposes as well. Therefore the owners should be questioned about where they got the dog, who is breeding them, and if they know who is fighting them locally. They should also be checked for warrants, drugs, and weapons. The vast majority of the suspects would likely end up in jail if this were allowed. And the streets would be safer.

Videos and news stories are awash with accounts of pit bulls attacking not only humans but also other dogs, cats, horses, cows, and even cars. One video shows a pit ripping a bumper off of a police car. In several videos you can see that when they are tazed, maced, have 2X4s broken over their backs, kicked, choked, or anything else besides being shot- they ignore it and continue attacking.

Since so very few owners of these dogs have a shred of responsibility regarding their keeping, care, and control, then the breed should be banned. Perhaps a special permit could be required with strict stipulations. But in the meantime a federal level law should ban their ownership, breeding, selling, buying, fighting, or displaying in public. The law should also stipulate that any pit bull owner is legally responsible for his/her dog's actions as if s/he committed the crime himself. This would stop the slap on the wrist leash law tickets and start prison time for killer dog owners.

Likewise, if pit owners were responsible in any way, they would insure that their dogs are always fenced and chained properly, and when off of the property would always be muzzled. This alone would stop all maulings. Instead they choose to deny the problem and blame the victims of their creatures.

People so callous in their denial of responsibility for the dangers they present to society should be jailed for the protection of the populace at large.