What Should Be Done?

All that needs to be done is for pit owners to securely chain their dogs when on their properties, and for them to muzzle their dogs when they take them for walks. This would solve the entire problem of maulings and killings (except when they maul the owners' babies, but they don't care about that- so it is their problem. Aside from the deserved child endangerment or manslaughter charges...), but of course they refuse to take these simple measures. Therefore, due to the ongoing negligence of all pit owners, a federal law needs to be enacted so that common sense public safety statutes can be enacted and enforced without the pit nutters creating a new harassment and lie campaign in every city in the country, over and over again. The law should state:

1. No pitbulls or pitbull type dogs shall be imported into the country nor exported out of the country. They cannot be transported across state lines without an APHIS permit.

2. All pitbulls must be microchipped, photographed, vaccinated, sterilized, and registered with the USDA as an exotic/dangerous animal.

3. All pitbulls born one year or more after this law takes effect will be ineligible for registration and illegal to own.

4. All pitbulls must be harnessed and chained, or caged with top- regardless of fencing- when not inside a human home. When taken off of owners' property, they must be harnessed, leashed, and muzzled.

5. Any pitbull that bites a human one or more times, or attacks another animal, shall be euthanized.

6. Dog rescue groups shall not circumvent the law regarding shelter kill hold times.

7. Pitbulls shall not be considered legal service dogs or support dogs due to small size and poor temperament.

8. All pitbull owners must keep near their dogs a break stick and a stun gun at all times.

9. All pitbull owners must have a permit to own one, which includes criminal background check and drug test. No felonies, drug related, or violent crime records allowed.

10. All owners must have at least 500,000. liability insurance for their dogs' potential actions.

11. Owning a pitbull on a property where a minor lives will be considered child endangerment and subject the owner to a child welfare investigation.

12. All participants in dog fighting, including just watching, shall be charged with a federal offense punishable by a minimum of 5 years in prison. All dogs involved, and all dogs owned by the human participants including spectators, are to be euthanized automatically.

13. A pit bull will be defined as any dog resembling a bulldog/terrier mix, its descendants, its relatives, and any dog with its significant features that may be ¼ or more pit type mix or variation.

14. Any deviations from the above rules would result in euthanization of offending dogs and felony charges against owners.

> These rules should also apply to presa canarios, cane corsos, and other dogs considered vicious. There are 30 types of dogs considered vicious and/or fighting breeds.

> If any of them are gentle or harmless pets, then the law proposed above would be no problem at all to comply with.